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Fun Casino Hire, from Birthday parties, Weddings, Charity Fundraisers, Trade Shows, Promotional Events, Private Parties, Golf Clubs, Army, RAF, SAS to Corporate events! Jesta Blackjack Fun Casino based in Birmingham and hiring UK wide, are the friendly experts you need. Why not entertain your guests with some real casino fun and get the party started!

We have raised substantial amounts for numerous charitable organisations over the years. Marie Curie Cancer; Alzheimer’s; Dementia; Acorns; Hole in The Heart. Please call for details for a professionally organised method for your fundraiser.


Here we have supplied Fun Casino Events to the older generation who have loved playing the Tables! They thought it was a welcome change to the more traditional entertainment normally provided.

If you are looking for professional, fun casino entertainment, look no further. Simply contact us and one of our friendly team members will be happy to talk to you!

Why set-up a Blackjack game?

Blackjack is the most popular casino game across the world. It is similar to Pontoon/21, and can be played by multiple players. Blackjack is exciting and skilful but easy to learn, and can be a great entertainer for your guests.


It is always fun when guests arrive at an event that you’ve organised.

Imagine your guests having a great time playing Las Vegas style roulette. What an ice-breaker! Roulette is easy to play and fun all the way.

Thrill your guests with our classic game of roulette

Jesta Blackjack Fun Casino provide a real casino experience for any event, and guarantee a totally fun-filling atmosphere. Why not book a Blackjack table or let our fabulous magician astound you with close-up magic. Whatever the event, let Jesta Blackjack Fun Casino Hire make your party or event one to remember!

 You can pick and choose the casino games to suit your event. From Las Vegas and 1920’s themed nights to table-side close-up magic. The choice is yours.


Enjoy a game of stud poker with your clients and guests. They might even win! Who knows, it may work wonders for your business! What we can promise is that you and your guests will have a great time, a good laugh and remember the event for a long time to come.

Fun Casino Hire games for all age groups

From kids to adults, Jesta Blackjack Fun Casino hire organises casino games for people of all age groups. We provide fun money to play with that will be exchanged for casino chips by the croupier.

Impressive close-up magic tricks for your event

Let us mystify your guests with close-up magic that will leave them bemused, confused but thoroughly entertained. Our magician is available to meet and greet your guests with an array of astounding close-up magic tricks that will serve to break the ice the moment your guests enter the building. He will also drift from table to table during your event performing magical feats that will keep your guests guessing long after the night is over.


If you are interested to organise roulette, stud poker or blackjack games for events in Birmingham and anywhere across the West Midlands but aren’t aware of the casino game rules, worry not.  Our croupiers at Jesta Blackjack Fun Casino are more than happy to assist you with understanding the rules of the games, ensuring that you have nothing but a totally entertaining evening!

Find below the casino game rules for each of the games below –

Blackjack - Rules of the game

In this game, each player will play against the dealer (not each other) with the object of getting as close to ‘21’ without going over, known as ‘busting’. An Ace counts 1 or 11 and all picture cards count 10.  Four standard decks of cards are drawn from the shoe.  All cards are dealt face up – 2 to each player, 1 to the dealer.  The players are then offered in turn, further cards but may stay (stick) on any total at their discretion.  If a player exceeds ‘21’ they lose.  Once all players have finished drawing cards, the dealer will take a second card.  The dealer continues to draw cards until his hand totals 17 or more – regardless of what the players’ hands total is.

Bets are placed in one of the 9 boxes on the table prior to any cards being dealt. Additional cards are free (subject to specific conditions).  

 If the players’ total cards are less than the dealer, the house wins.  If the players’ total cards are more than the dealer, the player wins.  If player and dealer have the same number of cards, the player keeps their stake. If the dealer busts, all remaining players are paid. There are no 5 card tricks in Black Jack and no ‘burning’ of cards.


For complete rules of the game, contact us today!

Roulette - Rules of the game

The wheel is divided into 37 segments, numbered 1 to 36 and 0. Except for the number 0 which is in green colour, all other numbers are either red or black.

 Each player is given a different colour of chip for identification. Chips may be placed directly on a number, on the line between two numbers, on the corner between 4 numbers and so on. You may also bet on 12 numbers at once in the ‘columns’ and ‘dozens’ or 18 numbers on red / black, high / low and odd / even.

 0 is treated as any other individual number except that when 0 comes in, all other bets (including Red / Black) will lose.

 Bets are made before and during the spin of the ball until the dealer announces ‘no more bets’.  A marker (known as ‘the dolly’) is then placed on the winning number where all losing bets are removed and the winning bets are paid. New bets must not begin until the dealer removes the dolly and invites players to ‘place your bets’.

 To find out more about the details on bets, please call us!

Stud poker - Rules of the game

To begin with, the player makes their initial bet in the ‘Ante’ Box.  Each player receives 5 cards face down and the dealer receives 4 face down and 1 up.  Players look at their hands and can choose either to fold (losing their ante bet) or to play by betting exactly twice their ante in the ‘Bet’ box.  When all players have decided, the dealer reveals the remainder of his hand.  If the dealer does not have Ace/King, he simply pays 1:1 on the ante bet and the hand is ended.  If the dealer has Ace/King, he compares his hand with each player individually.  

 If the dealer wins, he takes both the ‘ante’ and the ‘bet’. If the players hand wins, he is paid 1:1 on the ‘ante’ and the following odds on the ‘bet’ box.

 To find out the odds on the bet box, and for complete stud poker rules, get in touch with us!


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How does a fun casino work?

Everything required is provided for you to enjoy this very enjoyable entertainment.
You can supply as many prizes as you like!
Your guests are given FunMoney to gamble with which will be exchanged for Fun Chips by the croupier.
The player with the highest amount at the end of the night wins a prize. (booby prizes perhaps for the guest who tried, but lost!)

Is a gambling license required?

No. This is classified as entertainment and holds no financial gain to private individuals. (Charities are usually excluded)

What happens if we dont know how to play?

Our friendly experienced croupiers will only be too pleased to assist you in the playing of the games, encouraging you all to have an enjoyable evening!

We are members of Equity, which is an association of Professional Entertainers. We offer Full Liability Insurance. 

You will find us on many preferred supplier lists and can rest assured that we will ensure your event is both professional but also lots of fun.